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At the Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School, we offer the opportunity to study the art of Swiss watchmaking in a comprehensive course developed in partnership with the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program (WOSTEP).

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Biel/Bienne - June, 2017

We are coming up to exam season...

We wish every student taking these important papers the very best of luck – they have prepared very thoroughly and their teachers continue to be on hand providing revision classes.

NGH Shanghai - April 24-25 - Congrats to the 14 graduates! NGH Hong Kong - June 19 - Congrats to the 2 graduates!
NGH Pforzheim - June 26-27 - Congrats to the 10 graduates!
NGH Shanghai - July 10-11 - Congrats to the 13 graduates!
BSoW Manchester - July 17-18 - Congrats to the 5 graduates!
A. Helwig Glashütte - August 7-8
NGH Kuala Lumpur - August 7-8
NGH Miami - August 14-15

Nicolas G. Hayek, Founder

I admire watchmakers. They are sculptors and artists who have to be able to balance the time-honoured traditions of watchmaking while mastering today’s cutting-edge technology. The uniqueness of their profession opens unknown horizons which embrace the planets and stars and dance with the mysterious universe.

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