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At the Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School, we offer the opportunity to study the art of Swiss watchmaking in a comprehensive course developed in partnership with the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program (WOSTEP).

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The Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking Schools Maintaining a Noble Tradition.

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The main course, for which no tuition fees are charged, is full-time and consists of 3,000 hours of instruction.

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Biel, December 9, 2014

We are glad to inform you that 75 Swatch Group students at our Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School and our partner school in Manchester (UK) have successfully passed the 2014 final examination.

About 100 new students started to study watchmaking at our Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School and at our Partner School in Manchester (UK).

We would like to congratulate all our 2014 graduates and to offer our most sincere thanks to our dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, who thrive on seeing their students succeed.


Nicolas G. Hayek, Founder

I admire watchmakers. They are sculptors and artists who have to be able to balance the time-honoured traditions of watchmaking while mastering today’s cutting-edge technology. The uniqueness of their profession opens unknown horizons which embrace the planets and stars and dance with the mysterious universe.

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